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The municipal school centre: an example of modernity.

The municipal school centre was built in the years of the Ticino school building boom on the basis of the educational and social needs that were becoming apparent in those years.


The construction is a significant example of modern architecture both for typological research and for the will to establish direct and perceptible relationships between architecture and the territory. Designed in 1972-73 by the architects Marco Krähenbühl and Tino Bomio, the building was listed in cantonal protected assets for its attention to the place itself and for its quality of construction.


The complex consists of three distinct constructions in exposed reinforced concrete with glass block work and plastered masonry, connected by open galleries that give light and dynamism to the whole.

The access stairway to the gym is contained within a red metal structure, which ‘illuminates’ the façade, exalting the purism and the monochromy of the constructions by contrast.


The building, built at the edge of the forest along the road that leads to Rovio, has marked the territory incisively, positioning itself as a prominent element at the northeastern end of the town.


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