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The Polatta houses

A courtyard paved with small pebbles overlooked by various buildings, the result of successive aggregations and completions.


On the north-east side, a cobbled staircase leads to the original seventeenth-century house of Polatta, which still has a room adorned with refined stuccos attributable to the same workshop that decorated the portico in 1668, part of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Castelletto between 1644 and 1654, as well as a rich fireguard bearing the Polatta-Cattaneo coat of arms, once present in the southern wing of the complex in a later ruined salon.


The fireguard was sold in the 1930s to the Villa Castagnola hotel, where it is still kept today. The facades however are eighteenth-century era and these look out onto the main courtyard. Of particular merit is the decoration of the body to the north-east with wrought iron balconies on the main floor, plant decorations and stucco busts that frame the windows, including four in the eastern corner painted in the ‘trompel'oeil’ technique.


The same motif with ladies facing fake windows, now almost illegible, was also used with clear scenographic significance towards the south on the facing façade. This facade has lost the original pictorial decoration, as well as the open loggia on the first floor with arches on pillars and a parapet painted with fake columns pretending to be a balustrade.


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