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Neo-classical architecture and romantic decoration

The architect Luigi Fontana (Muggio, 1812-1877) has cleverly exploited the small space available re-proposing the sixteenth century theme of the church with a Greek plan and large central section with a dome cover set on four free columns, which give monumentality and elegance to the internals. 


On the main altar, designed by the same Fontana, are placed two seventeenth-century wooden angels from the ancient parish church, as are the two statues in the side niches depicting the ‘Madonna del Rosario e San Giuseppe con il bambino’ attributed to the Silva workshop in nearby Morbio Inferiore.


The canvas ‘La Madonna e il Bambino, San Rocco e San Sebastiano’ by Giovanni Battista Bagutti (Rovio 1742-1823) was recovered from the demolished oratory of San Rocco.


In stark contrast to the severe classical architecture is the whimsical romantic-style pictorial decoration with ‘Episodi della vita di Sant’Andrea’ - episodes from the life of Sant'Andrea - on the vault of the presbytery and on the central dome a vast sky with fluttering angels, framed by faux marble balustrades and a congerie of liturgical objects in the plumes. This was created between 1848 and 1849 by the painter of Piedmontese origin Angelo Colla (1827-1892) and his collaborator Giuseppe Talamoni, Garibaldi militants who took refuge in the Canton of Ticino after the failed insurrectional uprisings.


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